The location of the factory is in an area where extreme temperatures do not develop. This contributes to ideal storage conditions and quality preservation of the olives. It is also one of the few factories where the olive storage tanks are located in a shed and the olives are received by gravity. The olives are deposited in the receiving cauldrons and then through gravity and the water that recirculates from the tanks to the receiving cauldron they are hydrotransported to the tanks. This has the effect of filling the tanks without mechanical means (elevators) but with water transport. The olives, especially the fresh ones, which are more delicate, are not beaten. Thus, on the one hand, we do not have significant losses and on the other hand, quality sorting is easier.

The enchanting nature, the fertile soil and the special microclimate of the area that favors the cultivation of the Kalamon olive, combined with the long-term experience in the cultivation of the Kalamon olive and the passion of the members of the Cooperative ensure the basic conditions for a successful and quality production.

Special weight is given to the standardization and disposal of this production. The modern production and standardization factory owned by the AITOLIA OLIVES COOPERATIVE with the excellent hygiene and control conditions ensured by the modern technological equipment of the production unit and the responsibility of the experienced, specialized human resources guarantees high nutritional value & quality Kalamon table olive products.



The field is located in STAMNA location ¨LOUTRA¨ of the Municipality of I.P. MESSOLONGGIOU outside the settlement with a field area of ​​19,265 sq.m.


Micro-packaging line (packing in jars – pasteurization) area 400 sq.m.: metal building with sanitary type panels and floor with clinker tiles of strict sanitary and industrial specifications.

Large packaging line (packaging in barrels-tins, engraving, coring, discing and olive paste) surface 950 sq.m.: metal building with panels and additionally covered panel of sanitary type and epoxy industrial floor.

1330 sq m tank and barrel shed: Metal construction with panel roof and industrial floor. In the hangar there are five wooden lofts and 80 closed tanks of 16000lt.

Storage building for packaging materials and finished product, surface area 1276 sq.m. Inside the building, office space on the first floor of 60 sq.m. and a 60 sq.m. laboratory.

184 sq.m olive receiving shed: Metal construction with panel roof and epoxy industrial floor.


Small package line capability

Line capacity: depending on the size of the jars (1200 jars/hour with a 500g jar) Packaging in various types of jars indicatively 320,500,750 and 1000g

Large packaging line capability

Line capacity: 100 barrels / eight hours, 6000 cans (5 containers) / week 5 days

Receiving the olives

The olives are delivered by the producers on the same day of harvest to the factory, for sorting and storage in the ripening tanks. The entire process strictly follows the traceability protocol through the factory’s HACCP process


The olives are stored in brine tanks for ripening. This process lasts for about 3 months, the brine levels are constantly checked as well as the quality of the fruit with continuous samples sent to special laboratories.


After the ripening stage, the fruit is extracted from the tanks and transported to the sorting lines, where it is separated by cutting. Then it is transferred according to the product of the standardization.